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Product photo



Rear with fuse and power connector

In a cold war bunker

Chassis bottom

Chassis bottom

Bottom modules removed

CCCP quality mark on tubes

Chassis rear

Cabinet and tuning tool

Chassis top

Top modules removed

Accessing the dekatrons

Hinged top

Chassis left side

Chassis right side

Shoulder screws for module hold down

Tubes closeup

Relays, alarm xfmr, filter caps

Seconds module #3

Minutes module #2

Alarm module

Minutes module #2

Early design and breadboard stage

Breadboarding counters

Breadboarding oscillator and dividers

Breadboarding power supply

Glowing neon, argon, and tungsten


DS-36 tuning tool

Morion 36 kc crystal

Power plug with swing away ground

Schematic sheet 1

Schematic sheet 2

Schematic sheet 3